Our Process


Tiffany Johnson, our business analyst, can answer any questions you might have about our company. Please call here at 818.850.1549 if you have any questions.

Michael Johnson, our creative director, can answer any questions you might have about developing a new website or graphic design work for your company. Please call him at 951.977.3508 if you have any questions.

We listen.

We listen much more then we talk. We are here to answer your questions whether you buy from us or not. We want a long term relationship with our customers; we are not looking to work with just anyone. We start with your position not your proposal.

GlobeWe start by defining your target market and then put together a plan to help you reach that market through the use of a successful website that is both scalable and aesthetically pleasing. Our skills include profile building sites, content management systems, basic websites, dynamic websites, e-commerce, lead generation, email newsletter templates, Twitter design, blog design, and business planning.

Once we have completed the design process and addressed all functionality needs we take an extra step to implement search engine positioning methods such as keyword placement, alt tags, titles and descriptions for each page. We then provide you with a plan so you can protect your investment and keep your site ranked high.

We have created strategic partnerships with Smart Media Cloud and Adrizon to increase your visibility. Smart Media Cloud can take care of all of your marketing and social media needs including creating a social media identity launching your business into the twittersphere and strategic marketing planning.