Email Marketing

What? Email marketing allows businesses to communicate with engaged and interested customers who have requested to receive information. This can be in the form of coupons, alerts of promotions and events, and regularly timed newsletters. List segmentation allows for more targeted one-to-one communication and can help increase relevancy and purchase intent among an interested audience.

How? Email marketing software is the first step in setting up a successful email communications program with consumers. This software provides the ability to segment audience lists, the automated sending of emails (welcome emails to new subscribers, for instance), and tracking and reporting of the emails you sent (who opened and who didn't, which links did subscribers click on, which emails are no longer valid, etc.). Make sure to choose an email service provider that can support and assist your specific email marketing goals and needs.

Building Your Subscription List. Here are some tips to build the database of subscribers for your email communications:

  • Include a field on all pages of your website where visitors can enter their email address and request to receive information from you
  • Have an email sign-up sheet in your waiting area or at the counter: or ask customers if they would like to provide an email when they are at the counter
  • Include "forward to a friend" or "share" functions in your emails so that your subscribers can refer your email to others

Why? Email marketing will help you increase customer loyalty through timely and relevant promotions that position your business as a trusted expert. Now you can reach your customers faster and more affordable than ever before.

Our new Insite Motion Email Marketer turnkey email marketing program has everything you need in one place. For just $300 per year, Insite Motion Email Marketer includes a branded e-newsletter template and a library of pre-loaded content. Once your account is created, add your customers' email addresses and begin creating targeted messages. You can send out up to 10,000 emails each month.

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